Fun Hotel & Taxi Services.
Here you will be able to book a hotelroom and /or taxi. You can also book a taxi to and from the national airports. (Button Taxi Service). For now you will be able to book the hotels listed under the button Hotels.

If you prefer a hotel that is not in the list you still can book a taxi. (Button Services)
If you want to stay in Amsterdam we provide the taxi-service.
You can now decide which hotel you want and book it.
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Our Goal
The past  years I have been the "cabdriver" that brought you most of the times back to your hotel.
This website is an extension of the service that you might expect from the number-one club in the world.
With this site we also want to improve the service we can give you as a taxi-company.
Main goal is making it easier for you to find a hotel and/or taxi at  fixed rates.

That's also the reason we allow other hotel(reservation)sites to advertise on our pages
so you can get the best deal. You can book your taxi here anyway.
Check out our deal with NH Capelle (Sunday's and breakfast deal).

Hope to see you soon.
FHTS    Geert Bos.

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